The work we do is a testament to who we are.

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop effective solutions for you, our client. We have a unique, custom process that allows us to get to the bottom of your needs, provide results-driven recommendations, and implement those to produce the results you need to succeed.

It's more than just software.

We don’t just create software, we find custom, tailor-made solutions that serve as a long-term asset to your company. We evaluate your goals, tackle the problems at hand, and provide a solution that increases productivity, security, and scalability.
We've got deep, vast experience in an array of application development projects. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile applications, progressive web applications, large system integrations, enterprise applications, and more!
Our custom assessment process allows us to gain the background knowledge and market research for industries across the spectrum. This includes, but is not limited to, healthcare, cooperatives, manufacturing, real estate, and non-profits.

Our Values

Prominent holds to these core values when architecting enterprise grade solutions.


Helps users achieve their goals efficiently.


Can be trusted to work well for the long haul.


Easy to keep the system current and running well.


Ability to expand and add new features in the future.


Usable on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

Easy to Use

Built to give users an exceptional experience.

Easy to Deploy

Readily make changes with minimal down time.

Cost Effective

Built to establish a high value to dollar ratio.

Our Processes

We use proven, custom processes based on Agile principles which allow us to most efficiently and effectively meet or exceed your expectations and hit the mark every time.

Our Priorities

We understand your needs and requirements, but we also prioritize your values. We look at what your business value so that we find solutions that align with the most critical points.

Staff Augmentation

Prominent does more than just build software for clients—we also provide staff augmentation. This service is ideal for if you want to spearhead a project internally, but need additional man-power and support to make that happen. Through this process, we will assist your team with the software projects that you are internally developing by coming on-board and acting as trusted assistants.