Assemblies of God World Missions


Industry: Christian Mission, Ministry, Non-Profit

Employee Count: 2,500 - 3,000

ministry reaching populations around the word

Imagine living in a country that controls everything you watch, read, and listen to. If you were to defy these laws, your actions could be punishable by death. Unfortunately, this is the reality for so many people living in Communist countries. Assemblies of God World Missions wanted to find a way to safely get the gospel of Jesus into the hands of people living in these conditions. 

AGWM has an integral plan to reach, plant, train, and serve disciples of Jesus Christ. Each component works with the others to accomplish their overall mission—establishing the church where it doesn’t exist. With over 368,000 churches in 252 countries, territories, and provinces AGWM could consider their goal to be met but their desire to foster more people only grows. With this nurturing mindset, they have been looking for innovative ways to train and serve the numbers they have reached. 

bible mobile app that is accessible offline

The Problem: 

AGWM needed an easier and safer way to get the gospel into the hands of people living in regions of the world where Christianity is illegal. They needed an innovative solution that would keep their missionaries safe as well as the natives they were reaching. The goal was to implement a mobile app that would be accessible offline and transmitted virally, creating a means of secure discipleship in high-risk regions of the world.

Also, the missionaries expressed the need for the capability to share the app offline from person to person in the field, ensuring it couldn’t be traced.

What We Delivered: 

An intelligent platform, dynamically importing the Bible in multiple languages with the ability to facilitate interactive studies, available on iOS and Android, with an offline mode.

Content encrypted in motion and at rest, plus a self-destruct capability, if an emergency code is entered, wiping the discipleship app and turning it into a basic app.

The ability to share the app offline through an apk file broadcast via Bluetooth or text message.

Sophisticated AWS fabric that allows individuals to easily create and deliver their own content in their own language.

Technical Stack:

The technical stack used for this application included: Ionic, Capacitor, Vue.js, and AWS services.


Our team included the following roles on this project:
  • Software Architect
  • Development Lead
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Analyst 
  • UI/UX Developer
  • QA Tester
  • Project Oversight
  • Account Manager
  • Subject Matter Experts

safe encrypted data


Prominent knew the impact that this app could have on the world, so the entire process was well thought out and every feature was expertly tested. The platform Prominent completed for AGWM not only gives them the opportunity to increase their reach around the world but also keeps these populations safe with encrypted content and a concealed self-destruction feature. The AGWM platform has been adapted by other organizations that serve the same purpose of spreading God’s word and is currently in 5 languages with 20 languages in progress.