About me

I've been a consultant for over 25 years and formally joined the Prominent team in 2019. I've worked independently, participated in startups and been a part of software / consulting companies ranging in size from five people to 5,000 people. I've helped companies grow, written a lot of code, provided leadership to a lot of people and solved problems for dozens of clients in various business domains.

I was born an engineer. I love people, and professionally, I've always been a consultant. I love assembling teams, solving customers' problems and putting technology to work to advance their business goals. I used to design and write software. Then I led project teams to write software. But when I started helping people build businesses full of teams that write software, that's when everything really started to click. I love working with people as amazing as the Prominent team members because I truly believe there's very little we can't achieve for our customers if we do it together.


Imagineering - The ability to see what isn't there and know how to create it. And yes, this is a Disney reference!


Project leadership; architecture and technical strategy and leadership; process innovation.


I love to build Legos and watch Sci-Fi with my son!