Chris Evenson

About me

I’ve been lucky to see a lot of teams all over the world execute their goals and even luckier to learn from them and help optimize how they execute those goals in different ways.

I joined Prominent in July of 2022. I’m actually in a hybrid role – business analyst and QA analyst. Much of my experience comes from running IT-related and process-related projects in the operations and supply chain world.

Area of Practice:

Business & Quality Assurance


I’m a lifelong learner and have developed the superpower of being able to adapt quickly and understand the nuances of any given circumstance. This really helps when focusing on improving a process and finding a solution!


I have strong experience in process improvement and optimization, ERP deployments, and instructional design and training.


I enjoy riding and building motorcycles, traveling and hiking with my wife, reading, exercising, and spending time in the garage thinking up and creating new things.