About me

I pride myself in my ability to step into practically any role on the technology side of software development. For example, I have set up and maintained server hardware, created websites and web apps, developed desktop apps, worked in data science, among a number of other things.

I joined Prominent in 2018, helping to establish and implement our Quality Assurance (QA) standards and to work with customers as a Business Analyst. While my main role at Prominent is within QA, I'm a jack-of-all-trades and have been able to step into a variety of other roles including Business Analysis, UI/UX Design, and Project Management.

Area of Practice

Quality Assurance


As a developer, I have had extensive experience with database administration, back end development, and front end development. I'm also well versed in Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, and Design. My experience in Analysis has allowed me to adapt and fit into a variety of roles as well.


Making people smile and laugh.

This can be seen through my balloon animal side hustle, my dad-joke games and puns, and ultimately through my humorous personality.

Beyond that, I think my attention to detail is another superpower of mine. Paying attention to the small and large details alike often comes in handy both inside and outside of the workplace.


I have so many hobbies, they're hard to name! I enjoy mountain biking, motorcycling, writing music, playing instruments including bass, guitar, and piano, singing, gaming, making balloon creations, photography, video editing, and playing board games.