About me

As a designer and a marketer, I strive to find unique solutions for clients by combining actionable data with creative concepts. I’ve been working with Prominent since August of 2019 and have over five years of experience working across many sectors, including the private sector, in-house at co-ops, consulting for Fortune 500 companies and all the way down to local small businesses.

Beyond my experience, I have bachelor's degrees in marketing, psychology, and economics and an associate’s degree in graphic design and communications. My education, eagerness to learn new skills and commitment to clients has allowed me to win over 50 local and national awards in graphic design, strategic marketing, advertising and research analysis.

Areas of Practice

Marketing and Analysis & Design.


My work-related superpower is probably that I'm a sponge. I absorb new information and learn quickly, am able to adapt to various settings, personalities and cultures, and I can stretch to balance multiple projects at once.


I excel in strategic marketing and user-centric design. Doing this, I utilize many programs and platforms including Microsoft Office, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, AdWords, SEM/SEO and the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD.


When I'm not spending time with my husband and our sweet (and sassy) daughter, I love to play competitive volleyball, do [solidcore], volunteer, bow hunt and eat quesadillas (or anything cheese-based, let's be real).