About me

I’m often referred to as a jack-of-all-trades; I have experience ranging from the artistic realm of graphic design to the business realm of solution discovery (business analysis) to the IT realm of implementing and working within various software technologies. Since I joined Prominent in 2015, I have been utilizing this range of experience to identify and implement highly valuable opportunities and solutions for our clients.

Area of Practice

Analysis & Design

Words of Wisdom

We live in a world today where the opportunities to solve real problems have never been so accessible and available. We truly live in a great time in history!


I feel very comfortable in front-end technologies, including HTML, JavaScript and CSS, as well as with back-end technologies that create API's, Databases and hosting infrastructures.

Beyond technology, I excel at discovering the needs and dreams of our clients and then architecting those dreams into reality.


I love solving problems with technology, in and out of the workplace! Whether creating a mobile app that helps teachers organize Montessori-based classrooms, building Internet of Things (IoT) temperature tracking and reporting systems for my home or dreaming of a network to mesh ZigBee soil moisture sensors to conserve water for lawn irrigation, my hobbies usually involve technology and creating solutions.