To be successful in this role, you will champion and provide leadership in leveraging our delivery processes to design, develop and deliver custom software to Prominent’s customers, conduct assessments and support existing software in the wild.

We are looking for a Project Manager that can work with customer stakeholders, account managers and technical project leadership to establish scope, budget and schedule for project work, and then holds all team members accountable for excellence in delivery within these constraints. The PM’s primary responsibilities are effective delivery, communication and expectation management, and ensuring that customer stakeholders, the project team, and Prominent leadership team are at all times empowered to make the right decisions related to the project.

Plus, you get the opportunity to work with the best software development teams in the upper Midwest!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Serve as an example to their team in excellence of delivery and maintaining Prominent’s high standards
  • Serve as an expert in Prominent’s software delivery methodologies and champion them with both his/her customers and project team members
  • Manage one or more (typically no more than 3) fast-paced, complex, customer-facing projects, including: Establishing scope, budget and schedule for the project; Prioritizing scope with the customer’s product owner; Overseeing estimation of project scope with technical team; Ensuring effective delivery of prioritized, estimated scope within budget and schedule constraints; Conducting daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning sessions, retrospectives, and customer demos; Facilitating system testing (with the technical team) and user acceptance testing (with customer stakeholders) of developed software; Facilitating deployment of completed software, including demos to customers, retrospective sessions, migration to staging and production environments, etc.
  • Lead a team of up to ten (10) technical resources to successfully deliver their projects
  • Timely and effective communication with customer stakeholders at all levels: Craft project documentation – such as proposals (with the account manager), statements of work, project charters, project plans, communication plans, change requests, etc.; Report project status – a weekly rhythm (and on-demand) to customer stakeholders and Prominent’s leadership, including the Project Management Team Lead and the CTO
  • Serve as the interface between the customer and the project team to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process
  • Manage risks – identify them properly, communicate them appropriately (with the customer and internally), and act with urgency to develop and execute effective mitigation strategies
  • Participate positively, enthusiastically and carefully in Prominent’s daily and weekly PM cadence
  • Collaborate with the PM Team Lead and other PM’s to share resources effectively across projects
  • Oversee internal, non-billable “bench projects” as needed
  • Provide feedback to their team members’ managers as part of Prominent’s formal, annual review process, as well as upon the completion of each team member’s tour on the PM’s project
  • Stay current on industry Project Management trends and technology
Essential Characteristics and Capabilities:
  • Embody and promote Prominent’s core values – MC’s are CHAMPS, embodying and promoting Communication, Honesty, Alliance, eMpathy, Positivity and Stewardship; they lead by example and help team members to increasingly exhibit these values over time
  • Dedicated to Prominent’s success, our customers’ success, and his/her team members’ success
  • Passionate about his/her practice area
  • Discerning – possesses the intuitive ability to identify risks to the project’s success and the health of Prominent’s customer relationships (backed by ongoing quantitative analysis of project data / metrics)
  • Self-motivated – proactively seeks out ways to support team members and add value to Prominent and our customers; excels in taking initiative
  • The heart of a servant – views the PM role as supporting his/her project team in delivering excellence
  • Excellent oral and written communicator – presents complex details succinctly, making them intelligible to customers, account managers, business leaders, users and other non-technical stakeholders
  • Teachable and able to teach others – quick to listen, able to give and receive instruction with grace, and passionate about helping others grow
  • Exemplary technical skills – proficient in the tools of the trade in his/her practice area; an experienced craftsman who takes pride in his/her work
  • Data Visualizer – proficient in creating visualizations of project data, such as Gantt charts and burn-down graphs
  • Expert troubleshooter – thinks outside the box and brings considerable experience to bear on helping team members solve difficult problems, while helping them grow through the experience
  • Exemplary discipline – sets the example for others in engagement of Prominent tools (e.g. Trello, Harvest), daily disciplines (e.g. completing timesheets), participation in key processes (e.g. SDLC methodology), etc.
  • Mature, positive presence – Remains calm under pressure, positively embraces challenges and change, helps the team respond well to the stress of delivery, avoids (and encourages others to avoid) overreacting to stressors or engaging in negative talk that only further damages morale, etc.
  • Fun and Friendly – a team player with whom others enjoy working
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Four (4) years of formal education in a field requiring careful, analytical work (equivalent experience will be considered)
  • Extensive experience – ideally a minimum of four (4) years – managing custom software development projects
  • Demonstrated leadership ability, especially related to supporting and empower technical resources to achieve complex goals
  • Scrum, PMI or other relevant certification preferable, but not required
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