News Redesign

Industry: Television Broadcasting

Employee Count: 51-200 employees

Streaming the local news channel

Imagine having a place to go to hear about all the latest local news, not national news but the real-time commentary of things that are going on in your region. That’s what this company’s news department wanted to give North Dakota residents.

This local news department has been North Dakota’s largest high school and collegiate sports broadcaster as well as the go-to broadcaster for years. They wanted to provide content beyond just sports broadcasting so when there weren’t any sports segments going on they would have something of their own to air.

Through this pursuit of providing for their community and offering local news, the news department was born. With this expansion, they needed something that would provide functionality along with an intuitive design for multiple channels. They had an aspiration to provide this content everywhere their audience was. On their laptop, cellphone, at their lake house, so anywhere the audience was, the news would also be.

User friendly application

The Problem

Their platform didn’t have a smooth way to offer multiple channels in a user-friendly way. They needed an interface that would help showcase the new programs they were providing to the community. In addition, to also create a modern, user-friendly application that prioritizes the user experience.

The underlying problem was in creating a complex interface that would work across a multitude of platforms and resolutions. Some of the major pain points within that included:

  • Finding the best way to present the videos, channel guide, and information based on their users.

  • Seamlessly integrate new features into current software.

  • Making sure each version was intuitive for users to navigate through.

What We Delivered

An accessible interface that is easy to understand and even easier to navigate.

Full control over the software which allowed them to merge content within different departments without difficulty.

A more robust streaming system that was able to handle heavier traffic loads for popular shows.

A modern design to showcase their talent with a similar and intuitive look and feel like YouTube.

A platform made to be scalable for growth and the potential to be replicated on other areas of the website.

Technical Stack

The technical stack integrated web components, VueJS, NodeJS, AWS services, PostgreSQL, and Hugo.


Our team included the following roles in this project:

  • Software Architect

  • Development Lead

  • Developer

  • Project Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • UI/UX Developer

  • QA Tester

  • Project Oversight

  • Account Manager


Prominent created a fresh, straightforward interface that was able to work seamlessly with existing software and platforms that their internal team was familiar with. This alleviated their team from learning a completely new software system. It was also designed for growth and expansion to other programs within the news department, making it an integral part of their success as a whole.